A3 Ventures

We are an angel investor team of three entrepreneurs with a diverse set of experiences across engineering, product and business operations. We support and advise founders, helping them to build the next global success.

We invest in disruptive technology

Our primary focus is early stage startups with strong technical foundations. We seek founders who can lead and aspire - are ready to work hard and want to challenge the status quo. We complement with experience, our professional advice and access to smart capital. 

We participate in pre-seed & seed rounds

If you have a beta or demo, we are happy to provide you with your first round of funding. If you are close to product market fit, we can assist you to build the right syndicate of investors for a $ 1 million+ round. At this stage will not take the lead investor role - our average ticket size is $150k - but we will help in accelerating the fundraising process.

The Team

Zsolt Weiszbart

Zsolt has been an active investor in tech startups since 2010, when he finished his studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was the cofounder of Valley Connect, one of the first seed investment programs in Hungary. As the Managing Director of the Hungarian branch of IFS – a leading global ERP vendor – Zsolt has over 15 years of experience working with enterprise software in Europe.

Balint Orosz

Balint is a seasoned tech product leader and manager with a successful track record of delivering high quality products to tens of millions of users globally. Most recently he was responsible for the native mobile strategy of Skyscanner. Previously he co-founded and was CEO of Distinction - which was acquired by Skyscanner.

Akos Kapui

Former Engineering Director of Skyscanner. Akos has 10+ years experience in building and managing world class engineering teams serving millions of users. Previously he co-founded a startup, Distinction, which was acquired by Skyscanner in 2014 where he served as CTO.

Portfolio companies

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